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Hell on earth can be defined as listening to Puffy AmiYumi sing the Teen Titans theme, alternating English and Japanese, for all of time. Or even just once.

Jake x Tobias is much more difficult to write than I thought it would be.

Have to put up that Stu for [ profile] animorphsues.

I think I shall e-mail Maze Castle about the quote [ profile] nefariouskitten noticed that was from a fanfic. Poor dears.

Our weekly quiz in J2 was cancelled, due to only getting our practice/study sheets yesterday. So today we played some odd mix of charades and Pictionary. Sensei wrote different places in Japanese on cards that we drew, and then gave us a picture from her files that had an action. So we had to draw/act them out for the class to guess and put into sentences. I saved some of the more interesting ones for you all.

-Resutoran de terebi o mimasu
-Geemusentaa de gohan o tabemasu
-Taiikukan de hon o yomimasu
-Eigakan de shukudai o shimasu
-Kuko de suie o shimasu
-Suupa de Wayne's World o mimasu

In order, that's:

I watch tv at the resteraunt.
I eat rice at the arcade.
I read a book at the gym.
I do my homework at the movie theater.
I swim at the airport.
I watch Wayne's World at the supermarket.

*shrugs* It was amusing in class. There were ones about playing tennis at the park, and listening to the radio at the beach, but they weren't interesting. And I think I have 'suie' wrong... maybe one of the vowels is elongated?

And could someone please reccomend a good Japanese font download? Preferably one with a quick-n-easy 'how to use' guide? Methinks I will be appreciating the option of typing my homework in the future, considering my handwriting is more or less crap.

Met up with Arti before Early Bird. It's weird how many classes we have together without noticing. ^_^ Opposite ends of the room, I guess. I have Chemistry, History, English and PE with her. Plus Madrigals, Japanese, and English with Moriah, Japanese and History with Matt and Brandon, plus History and Madrigals with Donna. I like Moriah, Arti, Matt, and Brandon. I don't like Donna all that much. She's... just a sort of super girly airhead, the type of girl I dislike most. Being girly is perfectly cool. I was a pretty girly when I was a little girl... but... I can't explain it. She takes the airheadedness to ridiculous levels sometimes, but when she doesn't, she's pretty nice I guess. *sighs* Disregard that.

Arti and I got to talking about all the scheduling f-ups they made--she should be in Geometry, and they stuck her in (my) Algebra II/Trig. I told her about being put into Junior Varsity Orchestra. She decided to see our new counselor, since Mr. Wells left. She asked if I was coming, and I said yes.

Our new counselor has name that I do not remember, and she was filling out forms so that some Magnet freshmen ('cause our counselor is Magnet students whose last names begin with maybe L-Z? I know P is included, because she's Hannah's counselor, too... more about Hannah later in the post) could run for Stuco or something (Student council... I'm having fun with html today! =DDDD). We asked if she could write us a pass for EB and kept on waiting while she finished with them and then had a discussion with a one of the secretaries that everyone likes... blah blah blah.

Arti was lucky enough that the class she needed was offered the same period as Alg2/Trig. So the counselor wrote a double pass and asked her to wait for me.

I was not so lucky. Miss P had reccomended me for Concert Choir. Which is third period, and apparently the only period that my dear History class is offered (and not full, I guess. Or maybe because of my Chem, Alg and English classes and balancing and overcrowdedness and similar stuff, who the hell even knows?). So no Concert Choir. I elected not to do a beginners guitar class that period, because I have no patience for instruments. Laziness.

Anyway, option two was Glee Club. Which I passed last year, and I refuse to repeat a class.

Option three was Jazz Choir, a late bird. That means EIGHT CLASSES. That means leaving the house at 5:40 in the morning and getting home at maybe 4? 5? I usually get home at 3, so... Either way, I couldn't handle it. =DDD

Option four was Madrigals. Chamber Singers. Our most advanced group. Sixth hour. It simply meant swapping my class that period (PE) for my Orchestra class (the period right before it. =P). Eaaaasy. That PE class is also Arti's! Yay!

So I went to Chambers, met the new teacher, and narrowly avoided losing my job as class historian. Kickass.

Moriah, Rana, Lauren, Donna, Caleb and Hannah all have that class, too. (I mention this because of my inner competitive scholar bitch IB kid. All of them, plus Arti, Matt, and Brandon are IB, though Hannah is dropping it & she's a junior; I'll get to that in a sec.) Plus Krystelle and Carlos, the Pres and VP of choir. So yeah.

Anyway, about Hannah:

I like Hannah. She's the piano player and treasurer for choir, plus she's a year ahead of me in Japanese and IB, so she's quite fond of scaring me. I blame her for my deepening fear of kanji. She's always been extremely nice to me despite that; fixing my glasses once and helping me find a bowling ball that wouldn't break my arm.

But she's dropping IB because it's screwing her up. It's stressing her beyond belief, and hurting her future. She wants to be a Vet, and wants to join this program at a college or something.

The thing is, you need a strong background in biology and chemistry. IB... you take Biology I freshmen year, and Chemistry I sophomore year. Then, you choose one, and continue with that for junior and senior years.

And IB is keeping Hannah back!

PLUS! Plus plus plus!

Sensei needs a student aid, and she reccomended Hannah. But now they have some crap about 'IB Electives' and are making her take Geography. Which makes no sense. I didn't even know our school offered Geography.

Not only does Hannah want to be Sensei's aid, she really is the best qualified for the job. None of J4s will do it, and you kinda need a background in Japanese to grade work in the language, right?


Anyway, I had more musings on the Descent of Man, hominid Evolution, my nonexistant lovelife, Amanda, her friend Aaron, Hurricane Frances... but... maybe another day?

T G I F!

Date: 2004-09-10 08:21 pm (UTC)
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Those are weird sentences... we played Wheel of Fortune in French today; had to request to buy letters in French. Je voudrais something or other. Our team lost. ;_;

That's really awful about your friend Hannah. I guess we have it lucky over here in a strange way; we don't have any super-super honor's classes here. Just honor's math and honor's English, though they've been pushing for other stuff for years...


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